Hiryuu Sato: age 22, a young writer living in a run-down weekly rent motel in Houston, Texas. His outlook on life is simple: we are born, we live, and we die. Our story begins as a youth named Max is inducted into a mysterious organization and is forced to peruse a stack of books including Hiryuu's own journals beginning in the year 2003. He will discover that his existence—which he considers to be trivial—will actually become the central focus of two societies' hold on the world as we know it.

Raen is an incubus—called a Nephilim by his people—and has been bound to Hiryuu since he was born. In spite of his demonic appearance, Raen is a benevolent creature, driven in life by only one thing: his deep, everlasting love for Hiryuu. Though Nephilim law says that any incubus who loves and is loved in return will grow a soul that will consume him, Raen refuses to pay heed, considering the legend to be nonsense.
The chief of the enigmatic Order of the Noscere is rumored to be over two hundred years old. Even his name is a mystery to most members of this secret society. He seems to carry a great burden on his shoulders; he seemingly lives for the simple purpose of educating those inducted into the Noscere and to keep the Order's ancient secrets safe from the eyes of normal men.
Max is a neophyte to the Order of the Noscere, having only just been inducted the evening our story begins. Though he is reluctant to dive into the large pile of literature provided for him to read, the story of Raen and Hiryuu interests him enough to allow us to experience their story as he learns it from the history books. The details of how and why he joined the Noscere are unknown, but it is safe to say he had been under the thrall of an incubus and thus chose to join the Noscere rather than allow the demon to harm him further.
Jimmy (a.k.a. "Mistafruffy") was Hiryuu's stuffed rabbit growing up. Any experience that Hiryuu had as a child, Jimmy witnessed. Somewhere along the way, his pull-string got broken. Hiryuu will discover later in our story that his fluffy white friend wasn't your every day child's toy.

In order to avoid spoilers, Characters will not be revealed on the cast page until they have been properly introduced in the comic. :3

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