abducting the aliens Abducting the Aliens - soon to be kicking my ass in every possible aspect of webcomic-ry. He sure has the networking thing down. X3 I kid. The comic is really taking off.
velut stella Velut Stella - by abfluvver and LMP.  We've agreed to be sister comics, as the subject matter and art styles are similar, and LMP just rules. :3 Likewise, we're both just getting started.
Et-cetera - by P. Chuu. My darling Beast-sama's comic. She works this bitch with dedication second only to that of the holy Mother Theresa. Her trademark humor keeps me grinning and her support for me in getting [holy dust] started is unmatched.
Boy Meets Boy - C'mon, you knew I was going to link this. What's the other reason? A) It's the only online comic I've ever given enough shits about to read all the way through. B) It kind of sort of changed my life in that it actually gave me something to look forward to. It made me smile so much. So, linked. <3

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