This section is just to showcase some of the still pieces, concept work, and fanart for [holy dust]. If you want to contribute fanart (yes, please! <3) send an e*mail to On to the thumbnails... please be aware that a lot of this work is ass-old, so if it looks like crap, remember—either I'm pretty good now, or I used to really suck, or it's a nice, delicious combination of both. SOME IMAGES IN THIS GALLERY ARE NOT WORK-SAFE. :3 Just a warning.

Hiryuu, looking out his window
Hiryuu pouting as usual
Early concept sketch of Hiryuu
Hiryuu smoking... don't ask me what I was on when I drew this. :3
Hiryuu comforts Raen
Jimmy is an irritating little bitch.
The many faces of Mistafruffy!
Early concept sketch of Corey
Ixion, looking cranky
Little chibi omake comic I did.
Hiryuu/Raen snapshot! (immortal)
OLD [holy dust] cover
Raen wearing the Red Ribbon
Crappy pen sketch of Raen I did on an airplane :3
Raen in true Nephilim form, which he hates. Yick.
Hiryuu and Raen, immortal
Raen x Ixion
Raen x Hiryuu - little mini comic for the impatient...
Raen x Hiryuu - baisez-moi lā
Hiryuu @ the H2Oasis
Raen - So Be It
Group pic - work in progress
Group pic 2 - work in progress

'Pretty Props' by Van
'Holy Dust...' by Riff13
'It hurts...' by Bluesy
'Raen Plushie' by idiotgirl
'RaenxHiryuu' by Merrick
'Raen Oekaki' by Natomi
'Raen' by abfluvver
'Raen' by Toaster
'Raen and Hiryuu' by The Gert

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